Why 5-Day Challenges are Great Lead Generators in 2021

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Lead generation is a tedious task! You need to restructure your strategy again & again to maintain the steady flow of high-quality leads.

One of the most difficult parts of the job is that you need to think of new techniques to tap into your potential customer’s minds and prove to them how your product/service will make their life better!

This is tougher to do rather than to say! It is the main reason why most marketers struggle at generating leads because the process is tedious & what works now might now work in the future!

If you are also struggling with lead generation, then this blog can serve as the right guide for you. Here I am going to explain the best way to generate leads in 2021!

Introducing Challenges! Yes, challenges can be used as a lead generation technique. A challenge is a series of questions or activities that drive your customers towards filing the lead form. One of the most popular challenge techniques is to conduct contests with a reward (a discount/giveaway/free consultation), and the customer fills in the lead form in the whole process.

Here are some of the benefits of using challenges as a lead generation metric:

Engaging: Challenges will engage your clients better than traditional landing page text. I do not mean that landing page copies do not work, but challenges are engaging as they grab more eyeballs, and people are in general surprised & excited by such activities. If you craft a challenge well and make sure that you trigger the right pain points during the challenge, then there are chances of it generating more leads.

 Creativity: Challenges give you the freedom to be creative and put together something that can be used as a lead magnet. You can leverage the latest trends to create content and embed it within your challenge. Now, I know that not every trend would be suitable for your business, but if you can flip to some other way that can be used for your industry. Then, challenges can be a good thing to do!

Fun & Rewarding: A challenge can be as enjoyable as you can make it to be! It is a fact that people do not like to be marketed, especially when they know they are being targeted for leads. But challenges allow you to make the whole lead generation process more fun & give rewards as well.

By rewards, I do not mean that you should give out money orders. You should provide a reward that adds value to their life. Let me explain this with an example:

Let’s say that you are marketing for an E-learning platform, and you have decided that you will create a challenge-based lead generation strategy. In such cases, you hold a quiz where you give discounts to people on a particular course. Here you can hold quizzes and contests, where the winner gets a 10% discount for their favourite courses.

Here the whole process of lead generation has become a fun activity, and it is not salesy! You can keep changing the offer and run multiple challenges offering different rewards.

Social listening: This is why far the most underestimated concept when it comes to lead generation. Social listening is the process to get a real-time response from your potential target audience. This is something that you need to pay attention to, and challenges can make it easier for now.

When you share your challenges across social media channels. You will get different responses from people and this collects the data about what is trending & will work! Also, you would know what is in demand and plan your lead generation strategy accordingly because if you run lead generation campaigns for a service that is not in demand then your strategy will fail!

Now, that you know the advantages of challenges, and you are giving a brief thought to implement challenges in your lead generation strategy.

Hold on! You need to know more because not all challenges are created equal. You need to pick the right challenge to gain the best results. Don’t worry, I have you covered on this!

Tips for Creating the Best Challenges

A good challenge is planned to execute well. You need to consider all the points such as the naming, date, time, pillars of content, outcome, schedule.

It all starts with a naming/ describing of the challenge! Here is what should keep in mind:

  • Focus on the problems faced by your target audience.
  • Make sure that it creates urgency and stays relatable.
  • The context of the challenge should transition easily to your paid offer.
  • Make sure that whatever challenge you are putting forward is attainable/achievable within the time limit of the challenge.

Naming is important as it is the first thing that influences the mind of your targeted audience. When a name/description seems familiar, then there are higher chances of generating leads.

Here’s a list of proven challenges that you can consider:

  • Result Oriented: These are the challenges that portray a specific result in the challenge. When you have a clear goal as an offering, then there are chances of generating high-quality leads. People interested in the same result would sign up for your challenge, you can set the result attainable within the specific time limit of the challenge.

Here are some of the result-oriented challenges:

  • Entrepreneurial training for new business owners.
  • Securing a job after college.
  • Get 1,000 web visitors to your business website

How to Convert your first lead within 7 days.

  • Master a skill: This one is the most popular with the trainers, and people who teach other people about different subjects. There are few challenges that you can try such as mastering content writing, learning SEO, master paid ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. If you have high-quality courses, then this can be the best challenge for your business!
  • Guide: The next challenge that you can run is the guides, if you are an expert at something, then you can create complete learning guides for your niche. These have high ticket(expensive) challenges as the knowledge provided here comprises facts & figures gained via years of experience.

Timing of the challenge

Here you need to know when your target audience is available because sometimes there are chances that a person might be interested in taking up the challenge! But, he is not available at the time slot provided by you.

Now, how do you do this? What would be a perfect time?

Check your web analytics, when do people visit your website the most? Or if you are active on social media, then at what time do you receive the highest engagement?

I recommend that you create a specialized buyer persona for your potential targets, where you include their age, profession, country, and online behaviors into account. When you have all these in place, then you would be able to identify the best time for your challenge.

Content is the ultimate king!

Content is the essence of marketing and you cannot achieve success without creating high-quality relevant content!

Challenges are no different and keep in mind that you put your best foot forward with the right content.

While creating content you should follow the AIDA principle, which compromises 4 pillars of effective content creation:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Direction
  • Action

Follow all these in the right order and you will have the best content ready for your challenge.

The Offer!

The next thing that a user can offer that they are interested in! This changes from business to business and you need to make sure that your offer is in demand among your potential target audience. One best strategy is to use your top-selling products within the offer, but you can go ahead with the one you plan to promote.

Bonus: 5 Day challenges are the best!

You can find 5-day challenges across multiple categories, where it be health & wellness or eCommerce, product sales, or anything else. You will find pages of 5-day challenges on Google as soon as you type 5-day challenges!

Well, there is no magic here, but it is seen that 5-day challenges have yielded better results than other challenges. 5 Days is an ideal time to gather enough participants willing to take up a challenge & go ahead!

You can refer to this 5 Day Challenge Case study here to know the potential.

Summing Up!

Challenges are popular & successful because most people are stuck and caught in the hamster wheel and onto the next shiny object

Challenges give people what they need, external motivation to move towards their goals. They want to be pushed; they like to have competition that keeps them on track.

If you are a coach this is ideal for you because everyone who signs up is a potential client ready to buy the customer.

The Beauty of the challenge is that you record them and create evergreen courses that will make you money while you sleep.

If you have the right tech person on your team, you only need to spend 5 hours of your week delivering your unique message to inspire and motivate your audience.

You can potentially make 5-6 K and build a following of people who Know Love and Trust you with ease if you’ve got a good tech team

I hope you enjoyed this article, If you want some help with setting up 5-day challenges, webinars, or summits just reach out to me at webinarsuccess.biz or raicheltotherescue.com


Download The Coaches Guide To Creating Challenges Here.

originally published by me on my webinarsuccess.biz website.

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