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One Woman’s Dream To Change The Face of Tech Support for the everyday computer users and small business owners that want outstanding and reliable computer support without the B.S.

Over the past 15+ years, Raichel has been working in the IT and Design world. She has worked diligently providing superior technical and design support for her local and international clients. 

Raichel has empowered thousands of non-techies through her coaching program and done for you services.


Raichel is from Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area and now resides in Gainesville, FL.

Raich found her love for helping people at the tender age of 17, when she took off for “Hollywood” California to pursue her dream of becoming a special effects makeup artist.

Her first entrepreneurial spirit came when she created her first business Funky Dreadz

After her successful career as a makeup artist in LA and Miami, she had another goal to obtain…

Taking her design skills and make it digital, she taught herself computers and graphic design, which led her to her fulfilled career in the IT world.

As you know how technology always changes, so does Raich’s passions for always enhancing her skills and forever learning…

Then came along her love for marketing, advertising and strategy, this is where Raichel shines, by being able to use all her design, computer skills, and her super power to learn any software she is able to figure out where companies are leaking profits and sales.


In 2008, Raichel became a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, which launched her IT career

She worked for the Miami Police Dept IT Specialist III.

At MPD, is where Raichel To The Rescue was born…

Everytime Raich fixed someones’ computer issues, they were so happy they always said “you saved my day”!

Hence, Raichel To The Rescue was born…

Raich also worked several contract jobs and one of her favorites was the installation and configuration of the new fuel system for City of Doral Police Dept. 

When her son started college in Gainesville, Raich saw the opportunity to expand her wings and was able to get an IT Specialist position with the University of Florida.

Raichel To The Rescue has helped people across the globe with computer support, marketing and Facebook Advertising.


Raichel’s commitment to service is unparalleled, through her efforts through volunteering her skillset as well as her giving back program to charities.

Raich gives 10% of every job she does to support her favorite charity.

Raich feels that if she can help a charity out by offering her computer, design, marketing skills then the charity can save money and be able to use the money where it is needed more… saving the animals

With her giving back program, Raich donates her money and skills to her favorite foundation.

Her dream is to teach people around the world how to use computers and gain a skill that they can use to get a job in the city,  and bring money back into their village.

Once you have a skillset you have a way to make money for life!

Made With ❤️ By Raich

Redefining Websites Forever…

Your website should be making you money…

If it’s not, ask yourself why?

Raich took her web design and marketing skills to the next level with Made with ❤️ by Raich

Raichel looks at the business as a whole,  she takes the who, what, where, and why in which she then brings your ideas and message to life.

Raich is like every online business owners personal genie…

Her goal is to make your life easier…

Raich’s goal is to help you generate consistent income and predictable revenue by creating a custom framework that you can use for a lifetime

The truth is we can’t do it alone…

Let Me Support You With Everything Online!” — 🌺Raich



Creative Techie



Setup – Elevate – Transform your business 

and ease your mind  by hiring Raich today

Computer acting up, slow, pop-ups, wireless network not working, want to upgrade or build a new system. I can do it all for you and maintain your system so you always have a tech person in your corner.

Ready to make your website work for you, the secret is in the funnel…

I only work with customers who are willing to redesign their website into a funnel or create a funnel from scratch or need to fix their funnel.

I design to convert.

Not sure about what to offer, what a lead magnet is, setting up a webinar, or a follow up system…

All that is part of your business and marketing framework and I can help you set that all up and support you and your team.

Social media is not just putting up a page and you’re good to go…

Nope, Facebook and Instagram changes constantly and in order to get cheaper ad cost there is a science and an art to achieve it and I know it.

You just have to be willing to make the effort and put in the money to achieve it.

Remember the one who pays the most to get in front of the most people wins…

How do you actually set up all of the tech that goes along with your online business.

Warning: Marketing technology can cause migraines and sudden ducking as you throw your computer across the room…

LOL, I have even been there myself so I totally know how you feel pulling out your hair and suddenly going gray…

That’s where I come in and help you set everything up, train you and your team, so everyone is on board and knows how to do it and feels at ease with the tech.