Anyone have sore fingers, wrist, arm, shoulder from using your mouse?

sore hand from computer mouse

I found the perfect solution!

Since early 2000’s being on the computer, doing graphic design, and being on the computer 24/7 my forearm, elbow and shoulder were killing me. I then I got the trackpad thinking that would alleviate the problems. Nope then my fingers were stuck in a tree branch position.. not fun. I went for cortisone shots, had to wear a brace to settle the inflammation, not easy to move a mouse with a brace on… I bought expensive ergonomic mouse, pads etc… but still had issues. A few months ago I was overdosing on Advil from fingertip to shoulder pain, I went searching on Amazon and found these two mice. I use one when I need to be very precise in graphic work, the other one is just all around heaven. 

wireless black and blue ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic Mouse,Vertical Wireless Mouse, Rechargeable    

red pen mouse

Pen Mouse USB Meita Wireless Optical Pen-shaped Mice    I also love this wrist elbow pad too

jelbows elbow and arm wrist support


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