5 Clever Tips for Choosing a Standout Business Domain Name

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For about 10 bucks you can buy your business domain name.


You should do some research before you hit the checkout. Picking a domain is easy, picking a great one is a challenge. You don’t want to be years into it and have remorse.

The following shares five considerations when picking a standout domain for your business.

Start with the Obvious: Your Brand Name

Do you have a business that’s not yet online? Perhaps the brand name is available! This is a great entry into choosing a domain name since it’s your business name.

How do you benefit?

  • Business to website association
  • Claiming your space offline and online

There’s a chance someone may be cybersquatting your name. Given you’ve registered the business name and can prove it — you may be able to get it back. Work with ICANN to claim your trademark dispute in this scenario.

Consider Localization for Local Relevance

Does your business operate in several locations? Is it a franchise? You may want to consider including localized terms for the domain name.

For example:

  • Your Business + City
  • Your Services + in + State

Picking a domain name using local terms benefits from local searches. Google tailors local search results if users share their location. This helps your site appear in those search results because it’s close and relevant.

As a bonus:

You’ll prevent business overlap and competition by using localized domains. You could also use the .local domain extension to further tailor the local experience.

Use Keywords for a (Potential) SEO Boost

There’s a debate about whether Google is okay with keywords in domains. But, do your own search and you’ll see plenty of keyword-rich domains in the SERPs.

The point: Keywords in domains are good for relevancy and SEO.

You can’t solely rely on keywords in the domain for higher rankings. That’s where search engine optimization strategies come into play. But, it can’t hurt adding them if what you’re offering is that keyword or phrase.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Google’s Keyword Planner tool
  2. Type in words about your business and industry
  3. Browse the keyword suggestions
  4. Note the search volume and competition
  5. Check for a domain using those keywords

Most domain registrars spit out variations of a domain name. Or, suggest alternative domain extensions. Find and pick one that’s relevant and you’ll have a business domain that gets an SEO edge.

Make It Memorable and Easy-To-Type

What’s easier to remember and type:

  • Option 1: Mytotallycoolwebsiteabouthorses.com
  • Option 2: Horsey.com


You’ll want a domain that’s memorable because you’ll use it everywhere. This includes presentations, business cards, flyers, and more. A simple test is pitching the name to a friend and seeing if they recall it a few days later.


Don’t get too cute with how you spell the domain name. Adding extra characters and industry jargon could cause confusion with interested parties. Worse, they could mistype and end up on a dead site — which they think is yours.

Try Sticking to the Dot Com

There are tons of domain name extensions. You’ve got country-specific to generic top-level domains. Yet, the .com extension is king.

Why choose .com:

  • Memorable
  • Authoritative

Of course .net, .org, and .biz are decent fallbacks. But, do remember that using a non-.com name means someone else is competing in that space. And, your leads may end up on that site versus yours.

Don’t Wait Getting Your Business Domain Name

There are businesses launched each day. Most are clamoring for a business domain name meaning you could miss out! Grab yours ASAP before the competition nudges its way into your space.

What’s next after choosing the domain? Get set up with web hosting, of course!

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