What is The Group Facebook Challenge?

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A Facebook challenge is a free 5-day workshop within a Facebook group that allows you to close clients into your group program.



The challenge is a 5-day workshop hosted Monday-Friday at 12 pm or 1 pm of your ideal client’s timezone.

The challenge is open for 10 days and you speak for 5 days, with the added option of a 3-day bonus session hosted Sunday-Tuesday.

Sell group program

A Facebook challenge should only be hosted if you have or intend on having a great program.

Your program does not necessarily have to be created, but your offer must be a group program or course and not a 1:1 service.

Host in a Facebook group

Host the challenge in a pop-up (new) Facebook group or a current Facebook group you have.

You will simply be going “live” each day at your chosen time, similar to what you may have done weekly within your main Facebook group

There is no slide deck

Facebook Challenges are a much less formal version of a webinar and therefore do not require slide decks.

You just go live within the Facebook group each day teaching and engaging. We recommend using Zoom.

Success Advisors

There are ‘success advisors’ who look after a no. of the registrants each via messenger to social sell and/or get them on a sales call.

It is recommended to hiring success advisors for the duration of the workshop on an hourly and commission-based structure. Success advisor will communicate both in messenger and within your Facebook group to your registrants.

For every 150 people, you expect to register you should have 1 Success Advisor.


You will be required to create a workbook for your registrations where the topic of each day will be outlined clearly with some action tasks added. This workbook will be provided to all those who register.

Registration page

The registration page for your challenge can be on a platform like Eventbrite, Kartra, LeadPages, Kajabi, Clickfunnels etc.

The process is the same as it would with any of your webinars but you push your audience to join your Facebook Group where the challenge is taking place in all your pre emails.

facebook live 5 day challenge

Homework to your audience

There is homework each day for your participants to complete and post ‘#done’ under the HW post in the comments.

This is all decided ahead of time and is also outlined within your workbook.

You also provide daily prizes for completing the homework e.g. Amazon gift card, ebook, cash, etc

Client success stories

On the Friday of your challenge, you should be able to bring 2 previous clients onto your challenge to interview them about their experience and their wins from working with you.

Open cart

You open the cart to your program on day 4. You can use a sales page/link to book a call.

The cart closes in 6 days after you open the cart.

Fast Action Bonus

You need to prepare a fast action bonus for those who sign up within 48 hours.

This can be a VIP call with you, additional courses, etc.

Bonus Sessions

You can host 2-3 bonus sessions while the cart is open.

This is typically held Sunday – Tuesday and is 40 minutes in length.

Private zoom session

You can host a private group zoom meeting for anyone who has questions about your program during the open cart, this is held on the Saturday of your challenge by invitation only.

Hope you enjoyed the article, if you would like help setting up your challenge, webinar, summit, masterclass we would love to help you move faster with less tech stress.

Connect with me at raicheltotherescue.com or webinarsuccess.biz


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