Have you been Pwned?

have you been pwned?

How do you know if your email and password have been compromised and sold on the Dark Web?

Have you ever heard of A “paste” it is information that has been “pasted” to a publicly facing website designed to share content such as Pastebin.
These services are favoured by hackers due to the ease of anonymously sharing information and they’re frequently the first place a breach appears.
Have I been Pwned is a free resource to check if your email addresses have been put at risk due to an online account been compromised or “pwned”(rhymes with owned) in a data breach.

I just been Pwned and my credit card compromised with a lot of online purchases, so please take heed and check your emails out and accounts that have your credit card info saved, you never know which company it was that got hacked.
Please share this with everyone… so they can protect themselves and their families identity and money!!

Set up notifications to be notified if your email account has been compromised and pasted.


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