Is this link Legit?

is this link legit

How to test if the link you received in an email or website is real.

I get this question all the time from my daughter, I have taught my whole family how not to get phished, after my mother clicked one of the ads about adopting a dog and sent them $300 and no dog!

Phishing emails are based on attempts, “notifies” you that you need to do something to an account, or verify your identity or something to that affect.

Lets go over the anatomy of these masterful emails that come to our inbox everyday, they are getting so creative with the emails, its not just the African Prince asking for money anymore, the emails look so legit now days I can’t tell sometimes, I received an email from Reddit about changing my password and to click this link, I looked over the link, the structure of it looked legit But I still didn’t trust it so I just went directly to the website and log in that way and got a pop up message about changing my password, so I was OK cool and went ahead and did it.

Now let’s take a look of the email header and links two things to look at to tell who it is coming from.

Email Header

email header

Here shows who is sending it to you, check here to see if it is the real person or company sending it to you, fake ones usually have a mispelling or extra word in the email address example user@a.aol.com


You have long link structure the one you copy and paste and it is super long and it shows you everything, then you have the short links like bit.ly from Twitter or Google can shorten your links so you can get it into the social media post. So lets see how to decipher them.

#1 If the link has misspellings, a bunch of strange characters in it example You recieve an email from your bank asking to verify your account or change your password, could be legit but NEVER click on the link go directly to the website itself and log in. Ok now lets see what a crazy link could look like https://mybank.%75#.aol.com.  Beware of any link that has % symbol in it.

Now a days you are getting links that are really short and you can’t tell where the link is from

Here is a great website to check any URL before clicking on it


Also, keep your computer up to date, make sure your Anti-Virus and Malware scans are updating automatically, if you need any help or have questions, reach out to me and I will help you.




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