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When your computer or network is not working can be very frustrating and it can impede your work or school work. We understand and we have helped hundreds of customers and will get you back up running quickly.

Should I upgrade my computer or get a new computer?

Your computer is a few years old and running slow and running out of hard drive space. You ask yourself, “Do I need a new computer or can I just upgrade it?” What is the best decision for you? There is a few factors that come into play.

  • Your budget
  • The model of the computer and if it is upgradeable – ex. unibody design
  • The processor speed- if your running I3 or a really old processor – just upgrade
  • What is the max memory it will take
  • Is the motherboard expandable – add new video card, ports, hard drive etc..
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kids complaining the internet is slow
Is your family always complaining the Internet is slow, the network dropped again, the computer is slow, the computer won’t turn on… yelling Moooom… like mine.

I was always the go-to fixer for family and friends, but what do you do if you don’t have a go-to computer fixer at home or your business. You can’t always rely on your neighbor or techie co-worker. Well, we have the answer for you at Raichel to the Rescue. Our main priority is to make sure you’re computer , network, wi-fi, printer, software is working and you are happy.

Top 9 Internet Safety Tips to Stay Safe

Small businesses face unique problems with technology. Here are some of the most common, and some suggestions on how to solve them.

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