HDD Data Recovery

We have software that will recover data that has been lost, deleted from a corrupted hard drive or you accidentally deleting it. REMEMBER, if this has happened IMMEDIATELY shut your computer off and do not have the hard drive perform ANY tasks. This will give us the best possible chance at recovering your data.

Each recovery is going to be different to the situation and will be treated on an individual basis.

This is a minimum starting fee of $75 since every case is individual and needs basis, just being up front with you, once the hard drive is examined then we can give you a better quote

Turn off the computer and call us

Data Backup and Transfer

Need to back up your hard drive before a complete wipe and restore. Or you need to set up your computer to backup to an external drive or cloud to be able to restore after a data loss.

We can help you that, just give us a call or schedule a call back


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