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Cutting the cord and being able to connect from anywhere and having everything sync like your files, pictures, videos to your computer, phone, a tablet makes our lives so much easier.

When your working with wi-fi there are a few things to consider when putting together your network.

  • How much data bandwidth will you need?
  • How many devices will be connecting to your wifi?
  • Do you want a guest network?
  • What type of building materials are in the structure?
  • Where will you be placing the router?
  • Do you need extenders?
  • What can be interference for the signal?
  • What security protocols should I use?

These are just a few things to consider when putting together a wi-fi network in order to get the best results and less complaining about a slow network.

Wi-Fi Networking

• Wi-Fi Setup and Troubleshooting

Got a new router, moved and can't figure out how to set your wifi and computer back together or install it, no worries we have your back on this.

• Wi-fi booster and extender

Do you have CBS block, a lot of windows, a huge home and need your wifi to be able to pick up everywhere without dropping? You need an extender to boost your wifi signal

• Network synchronization

How annoying is it when you can't get all devices to connect, or be able to access your files, photos from any device. Very annoying, we can set up your network and troubleshoot why all your tech and tools are not synchronizing.

Top 9 Internet Safety Tips to Stay Safe

Beware of hackers! Follow these top 9 internet safety tips to stay protected while browsing online.

Server Management

Managing all your users and computers and files in one place is a huge time saver.




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