How to pick the perfect hosting plan for you in Siteground

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Hi, everybody, this is Rachel, Rachel to the Rescue. And today I’m going to go over SiteGround; Web Hosting and Management. So I’m going to start from the beginning, how to set up your account, what to choose, etc. So stay tuned.

Okay. So we’re here at SiteGround and you come to this page and you’re like, “What do I choose? Reliable Web hosting, Managed WordPress or WooCommerce Hosting?” Well, it all depends on your needs. I always suggest if you’re going to be using WordPress, do Manage WordPress Hosting. I’m going to take a look at the plans. So the StartUp plan is perfect if you just have one website, that’s it. You don’t need any extra landing pages or extra domains, things like that. Just one website, that’s all you need. Go for the StartUp.

The GrowBig, its unlimited websites, you get 20GB of Web Space, 25,000 monthly visitors, if you’re going to get more than that, if you think you’re going to be getting a ton of visitors coming in and breaking your site, then go to the next plan. Let me get back to that. So that’s the GrowBig.

The GoGeek is pretty much the same thing as the GrowBig. You get unlimited websites, you can create as many websites and have as many domains as you want, but it’s double the Web Space. So you get 40GB of Web Space, which is a lot. And you get 100,000 visitors a month. If you’re going to get way more than that, then you need to get onto your own custom hosting, which is the other option.

All of them come with the free WordPress installation, which is, I will show you how to do that. You get the WordPress Migrator, which is, say you have a WordPress site somewhere else, and you already have your website done, but you’re switching hosting. So the Migrator is basically a two-step process. You install it on one, style it on the other, add the little key, hit okay. And it moves it on over to SiteGround.

They all have auto-updates, which you need to also enable on WordPress auto-updates as well. But I’ll show you how to do that too. They all come with a free SSL certificate. All of the other platforms generally charge you $80 and up for the SSL certificate, that’s that little lock up in the URL saying that your site is secure. They all have free daily backup, where most of the other ones all have charged you an extra plan for the daily backup. Free CDN, which is for photos. It’s hosting your photos where they’re easily accessible and upload faster. This is the big one. They all come with free email, 99% of the other ones all charge you extra for email. This one gives you unlimited email accounts.

It has Out-of-the-box Caching, unlimited database space, is 100% renewable energy match, you can add collaborators, meaning you can add other people to work on your site with you, etc. If you have a team, they all come with a 30 day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. It’s super fast, ultra fast. In the GrowBig, you get a staging area, but in the GoGeek, you get priority support, which their support is outstanding.

You get more resources, Git hub staging, another staging area. You can white-label where you can resell your hosting with your name on it to other people. And it’s just ultra-fast. All I got to say. So that breaks down the plans for WordPress. I always tell somebody depending what their product is or their service, if they just need the one website and that’s it, they don’t need anything else.

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You can build landing pages on your one website, or if you want to have a separate domain for each of your landing pages or funnels, then I would definitely suggest getting to GrowBig one. The startup plan, perfect for the one website and landing pages all within one domain. So that’s my recommendation for just starting out. Now, if you’re like me, where you have a ton of websites and you do for other people, definitely go with the GoGeek. It’s incredible. Unlimited websites, unlimited domains, the customer service on all levels is outstanding.

So when you choose which plan that you want, then you just hit “get plan.” And then if you have a domain already, then you type in your domain… So you had “register a new domain”, or “I already have a domain”, you put in, you hit “proceed”, and then “review and complete”. If you do not have a domain and you want to buy your domain right here, then you can just put in I don’t know, not great with coming up with names. Then you hit “proceed.”

Domain is not available. So you either try another domain or another version, or you can get, .us, let’s just pick .us and then hit proceed. And then here you enter in your payment information. You pay for the service, the site, ground site scanner, you don’t need it, but if you really are nervous about all that other stuff out there that can happen, getting hijacked and stuff like that, and injected with malicious code, and go ahead and get it.

Me, personally, thank God, I’ve never had a problem. That’s up to you, but it’s only $19.80 a year. Just click “I confirm” and pay. And now if you already have an account and you’re adding another hosting plan, then you would just log in here. I already have an account and then just log in. So that’s it for SiteGround and setting up your hosting.

So stay tuned for the next episode, which is going to be how to install WordPress. A new hosting plan.

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