11 Most Common Problems with Technology Small Businesses Face

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In this day and age of technology, no business can survive or grow without it. Staying up to date with the newest, most efficient tools for data protection, cybersecurity, and integrations is a must if you want a smooth sail.

These measures will keep your company data and sensitive files safe, save you from unethical hackers, and make sure employees can do their jobs without a hitch.

As a small business, you should expect problems with technology to occur once in a while. If they come up often and aren’t resolved properly, you may need to look into your systems, but also your employees.

Read on to discover the 11 most common tech issues that small businesses face and tips on how to resolve them.

1. Security

The chances of surviving a hacker attack are slim for a small business. In fact, 60% of small businesses will close their doors within 6 months of a cyber attack.

This is why it’s of utmost importance to protect your information through all kinds of security channels and layers of protection.

Make sure your IT department constantly updates the security measures and is skilled enough to recognize and deal with a cyber attack.

2. Data Protection

Data theft and data loss are two of the most devastating problems faced by small businesses. Confidential business information, payment information, employees’ personal data, and similar sensitive data must be kept safe and protected with strict measures.

Unfortunately, data breaches happen often, and no one is completely immune. To avoid leaks, use trusted tools and software that your employees know how to work with.

3. Backup and Recovery

Important data and files needed to run your business should be kept in a safe place and in multiple copies. If you fail to back up this information, you’re in trouble, and without a recovery plan, you risk losing it forever.

The best solution for data recovery is a cloud server but you can also host some information locally. In case of a data loss, this will help you get back on your feet and have everything up and running in no time.

4. Integration Issues

A common tech issue for small businesses is integration. To keep everything moving, your business uses dozens of tools and software solutions.

From marketing automation, payment processing, customer support, and data entry systems, every tool must be integrated seamlessly with other programs and software.

Old versions, new technologies, and duplicate data are among the main reasons for integration problems.

5. Employee Incompetence

Whether you have an entire IT department in-house or outsource tech matters to freelancers, it’s crucial to choose the right people. If your company keeps having problems with technology, you may be dealing with an incompetent or unprepared team.

Always ask for recommendations from friends and family before you hire someone, and observe the IT work closely to check for slackers. Employee training and education is a great idea if you can afford it. This may help prevent problems with technology in the future.

6. Using Outdated Systems

Outdated software, security systems, and processes are among the most common technology problems. However, small business owners have to wear many hats and often don’t have the time to keep track of everything.

Luckily, this is easily fixed by your IT department who will make sure every program is bug-free, updated to the newest version, and integrated well with the rest of the programs.

7. Malware, Ransomware, and Viruses

No matter how careful you are, it only takes one wrong click to infect your computer with a nasty virus, malware, and ransomware. You’ll lose a lot of money, time, and effort to repair the damage.

To prevent this, alongside security systems, you also need proper protection from these forms of cyber attacking. This could be software, anti-virus programs, code, and website plugins.

Always keep this system updated to the most recent version as outdated versions or faulty code are a loophole to threats.

8. Lack of Regular Maintenance

Many technical problems arise due to lack of regular maintenance of the systems and processes. If your website is down or the servers crash frequently, it’s time to change either your tech equipment or your employees.

Technology is changing rapidly and if your business doesn’t keep up, you risk being slowed down by software instead of growing with it.

9. Disconnect Between the IT Department and Business Owners

Miscommunication between employees and bosses is common in small businesses. It’s important to establish a clear line of communication so you are always in the know.

If technology is among the main factors to your success, be a leader and keep IT in the loop about your business goals. If they know where they’re headed, they’ll do a better job at keeping problems out of your way.

10. Previous Problems

Some technology problems in businesses can be a result of previously unresolved issues. This can be anything from a faulty machine to bad software, so have your IT team look into it.

If you changed IT employers, these problems can linger on until the entire system crashes. To avoid a disaster, whenever there’s a new employee, make sure they’re up to date with everything that’s going on technology-wise.

11. Lack of Time and Money

Though you can’t predict tech problems, you can make a plan on how to deal with them. Most issues are a result of the business’s inability to buy the best protection or hire the best people.

Owners don’t have the time to handle tech issues when they arise and neglect this section of the business until something major happens. By then, it might be too late to salvage lost data or prevent a cyber attack. This is why planning is crucial, especially if you’re just starting out.

Plan a portion of your funds for decent equipment, software, backup, and cyber protection. One day, it’ll save your life and business.

Avoid These Common Problems with Technology with These Useful Tips

Losing essential data, being a victim to a hacker attack, and integration complications are just some of the many roadblocks you may bump into as a business owner.

Problems with technology are inevitable, but with the right team of employees and the right systems, you can reduce the issues to a minimum.

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