Using your computer shouldn't be hard.

We make it simple for you

Everyone these days have a variety of technology in their hand at all times and we all want something at the light of speed, but when our favorite tech tool isn’t working we kinda go in a panic.. who do we call, can they come now, are they actually going to show up. We totally understand we have heard all the horror stories of the last IT guy they had.

We show up and we believe in being upfront and fair priced.

Services that fit your business and budget

Most computer issues can be resolved remotely if you can get online and install the remote software we can help you.

Free pick-up and delivery for non-techies

We will come pick up the computer, fix it and re-install it for you.

On-site home & small business support

We will be your go-to tech support team when you don’t employ a full-time tech support team or your kids aren’t around.

Remote home & business support

We provide 24/7 monitoring of your computer systems and or network. We will get alerted to issues and fix them before you realize it. Our techs can access computers remotely and also offer help and support via chat, email and phone.

Comprehensive support

We offer both on-site and remote tech support,so we can help you with any problems you encounter, whether remotely or with an on-site visit.

You're not very computer savvy and don't want to have to worry about blips and bleeps and know there is someone always in your corner a phone call or text away. Then Raichel to the Rescue Maintenance plan is just for you.

Get unlimited maintenance and peace of mind for your home or business.
  • Monthly updates and patches
  • Remote in for software fixes
  • Have questions we’ll answer them all
  • Email acting up
  • Set up new printer or software
  • 24/7 monitoring
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Ready to get started, download and install the remote software

Download Remote Software

Need Help give me a call and I will walk you through the installation

1. When can we get started?

As soon as possible, first step is to contact me and tell me what is going on, it may be something really simple or out of my scope. I will have a better understanding and be able to guide you to the next step.

2. How do I get help from you

For remote support:

After we speak on the phone or through email or chat,  I will send you an invoice, once the invoice is paid and you install the remote repair software

For on-site support:

If we can not fix the problem within one hour we will need to take the computer back with us to the shop to repair it and then we will bring it back for no extra charge.

Travel charge will be applied for over 30 miles from Gainesville, FL.

ps…  I offer free pickup and delivery if you just want me to get the computer, fix it and bring it back within 20 miles of Gainesville, FL

3. Do you offer support plans?

YES! we do both for home and business.. you’re too busy living life, let us take care of the small stuff.

4. What other help is available?

6. How to get in touch?

Call or Text us at 352-327-8173

Email us at

Questions? We have answers

We love to answer questions, please feel free to reach out to me and ask away!

Hey, are you ready to get Tech-solved?

or just have a few questions?

Give us a call or book a time for us to call you back